A Notary Public can help you if you are purchasing, selling or refinancing your property. A Notary can
witness affidavits and statutory declarations, prepare Power of Attorneys, Wills and letter of Invitations.
A complete list of services provided by Notary can be viewed at Society of Notary Public Website. The
link to the Notary Society:

Will is a testamentary instrument which disposes the Will maker’s property. It only takes effect on Will
maker’s death and is revocable until the Will maker’s death.

Power of Attorney is suitable when you only need short-term assistance with your finances
from the Attorney (going on vacation, in hospital, home-bound with an illness or injury). The
donor must be capable when the Attorney is acting on behalf of the donor. However, the
Enduring Power of Attorney continues even if the donor loses the capacity. The power of
Attorney and Enduring Power of Attorney can only be used for property and financial matters.

The sections 7 representation agreement is used when the person making the agreement has
lower capacity. The representative under this agreement can make routine personal and
financial decisions. Section 9 representation is used when the person has higher degree of
capacity. In this agreement representative has wider scope of health related decision making

In Joint Tenancy you would hold 100% of the property jointly, and if one of you dies the whole property
would revert to the survivor. This is the favoured method for married couples, and would avoid the need
for the property to go through probate upon death.
In Tenants in Common you would each hold the property in equal or unequal shares e.g. 50/50, 70/30
etc. In the event of death, that person’s share would pass as per the intentions in their Will.

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