Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate Transactions

Purchasing And Selling Property

Buying and Selling a real estate property can be very stressful and overwhelming. Our role is to make this process easy and smooth for you. Once you have finalised the contract, please call us for more information on the process. Initially we will collect all the relevant information and will prepare all the required documents. Our job is to handle all the documents, and coordinate with all the parties such as the Real estate agents, Mortgage broker and the legal representative of the other party.


We can also help you if you are getting second or third mortgage or line of credit from the bank. We can also provide services if you are refinancing your existing property from the bank or a private lender. Our goal is to make the transaction easy and efficient for you.

Family Transfers

We can also assist you in adding or removing your family members name to and from the title. We can also assist you on transferring title to the surviving tenant, changing title to Joint tenants or tenants in common.

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